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More than Financial Peace

• Understand why you continue in a cycle of financial struggles. 

Find out why the Dave Ramsey system did work in the short term but didn’t last, and what we added that did work.   

Prepare your heart and mind for an economic recession. 

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 More Than Financial Peace Video Course

With absolute certainty, there will be another economic recession. Why the certainty? Because there is always another recession or downturn coming, we just never know exactly when.


The cycles of life, the ebb and flow of markets, huge national debt, the world in turmoil, it’s the times we’re living in.

It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the prepper it’s-the-end-of-the-world-mentality, isn’t it?

But recessions don’t have to be scary when they are viewed correctly and when we are in a position to not be annihilated by them.

• Do you lie awake at night and worry: How is this going to be paid? How do we get out of debt? How did we get into this mess?

• Does the thought of a recession scare you more than it should?

• Do you wonder what would happen to your family if things got worse…or think, how could they get any worse?

• Do you feel like you are at a dead-end job and dread going to work on Monday?

• Have you applied all of the Dave Ramsey financial principles and find that you continually are in a cycle of debt and financial troubles?

There is hope.

There is hope for your finances.

This “More than Financial Peace” 3 video series mentioned below elaborates on how to keep the right perspective about money, recessions, vision, destiny, and provision.



But if you realize that worry, inability to pay bills, and uncertainty in the future are taking over a corner of your mind, then set aside thirty minutes total in the next week to be encouraged, reminded how finances fit into this world and our lives, and how to properly view money.

The principles laid out in these videos have been transforming the way I look at finances and the world around me.

You certainly aren’t out anything for listening and hopefully after watching you are reminded…

• There is a vision and purpose for your life.

• Why you should never trade time for money.

• What has inherent value and what doesn’t?

• The things that are simple to do but easy NOT to do.

• Who the master of your money really is (you may be surprised!)

• Who the power behind your money really is.

• What provision really means.

• How to live in humility and meekness and how powerful that really is.


Don’t get to the end of your life and say, “What was that all about?” Live with purpose and intention. Live a life that is so blessed and overflowing that it leaks onto everyone around you.

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