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Plouffe family of 4 standing under a tree

Delci Plouffe is a stay at home mom who is married to a day-workin’, pistol-packin’, cowboy-preacher, minus the pistol–not that she wouldn’t be surprised if Bill wore one! Their lives are full of non-stop go, but some days neither Bill nor Delci know which direction they are headed. And if they ever figured out how to get on the same page and not argue about the details, they would be a dynamic duo!

Bill only survives with coffee (very black coffee) in his system and just hand all the chocolate over to Delci, thank you! Their son Josiah is six and Hadassah is four. Homeschooling is their newest adventure!

Delci is driven to teach people how they can earn income from home, right where they are. You can see all she has compiled about this subject Here in my Shop.

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