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Homesteading is a journey like no other.

And thankfully, it is a re-emerging way of life.  For thousands of years until the invention of the automobile and the huge technological advances of the last century, it was just how life was lived.

Leaps in technology, education, and the jobs available have been wonderful but it has taken us away from our roots of self-sufficiency. 

And that, dear friends, has led our great nation down a slippery slope to obesity, ravaging illnesses and am I allowed to say…laziness?  

But so many people are beginning to homestead right where they are. And it looks different and beautiful for each family. In the large spectrum of homesteading, some are living surrounded by buildings and people and some are living surrounded by trees and animals. 

It is living with the goal of being able to live a quality life by:

  • Knowing where the food on the table came from
  • Cooking healthy and nutritious food, preferably with food grown on the kitchen table or the garden outside.  
  • Living within a budget and means of the family so that no matter the economy or job situations, a self-sufficient lifestyle is able to provide nourishment, income, and fulfillment 

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