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A Day in the Life of a Modern Homesteader Fall Edition

What a life we choose to live! It is wonderful and full of so many blessings! But it certainly doesn’t leave us much down time! We are continually on the go, aren’t we?

I’d like to view this fall edition as a time capsule. It will be a wonderful memory to cherish and a wonderful way to look back. Looking back with the attitude of “I wish” never gets anyone anywhere. But to look back in the following years to see just how far we’ve come can be inspiring and totally worth it.

Homesteading | Fall Garden Checklist | Homestead Work | Homesteading in the Fall | A day in the life of a modern day homesteader: wonderful, full of blessings but not much down time! Download a free fall garden checklist.

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We will look back and say, remember when?? Wow, where did the years go! Look at how little you were! You were so small and we did so much together! What a wonderful time in our lives! Remember when we had that goat? And remember how I couldn’t keep you out of the water troughs?

These years. These precious years. Timeless moments. Right here, right now and gone forever.

Except in our memories. 

I desire to give my children a full childhood. Filled with memories of living, and laughing and working together.

That’s what this modern homesteader’s heart longs for. A simpler life, free from the pull of processed time and food. A life that can provide. A life not dictated by stock markets, the economy or who wins the elections.

This life is hard work but so full.

A day in the life. A day written down in history. A day like all the others and like no other.

A day in the life of a modern homesteader


So, why Kamut wheat? Well…I’ll tell you what, we are so happy to have switched to using only Kamut wheat, and here’s why: Why I Only Use Kamut Wheat as a Homesteader

Also, our Kamut Wheat Cracker is definitely working making! Sourdough Kamut Wheat Cracker

Come and dance to the music of the milk with us! Children and Homesteading Chores: Why and How

This fall edition includes a comprehensive checklist for your garden:

thumbnail of Fall Gardening Checklist

Homesteading | Fall Garden Checklist | Homestead Work | Homesteading in the Fall | A day in the life of a modern day homesteader: wonderful, full of blessings but not much down time! Download a free fall garden checklist.


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Heidi Villegas

Wednesday 28th of September 2016

Oh my gosh!!! I loved watching this! You are AMAZING! :-) And very blessed too.


Thursday 29th of September 2016

I am blessed :) I have really, really good help. If I didn't, how could I get it all done?? lol

Donna w ferdinand

Thursday 22nd of September 2016

THIS IS YOUR MAMA TALKIN'! I don't remember ever seeing you move so fast at washing dishes when you were living at your childhood home! Hmm...I remember fast talkin' and speedy exiting. But, actually, it was really fun to take a peek.


Thursday 22nd of September 2016

Ha! I wish I could do dishes that fast! Now THAT would be something to write about!!


Thursday 22nd of September 2016

Totally adore this!!!


Thursday 22nd of September 2016

Aw :) Thank you!

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