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Farm living is a beautiful, satisfying way of life.

I’m not sure if there is anything that feels any better than sitting down to a homemade dinner, not from a box but vegetables from your own garden, milk from your own goats, and grass fed, wholesome meat.

It is an endless journey of learning and lots of hard work. The fresh and more than delicious vegetables all summer long and the beautiful lineup of canned vegetables during the cold winter months are more than worth it.

Our little “farm living” acre gives home to about 20 chickens who supply us with healthy eggs to eat and eggs to incubate, which is a fun project for the kids…and mom! Our six goats provide entertainment, and the two milk goats provide us with lots of milk which we love to drink, turn into cheese and yogurt, and the kids each spring are a delight! When we sell the kids each spring we are able to use that money to buy necessary items and it usually helps complete a project or two.

Each spring we have mini-nubians for sale, in our Goat IQ page, we would love to supply a resource of good goat information.  I would also like to share our journey into having Montana Bees.

farm living