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The life you’re meant to live: Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You : The Life You’re Meant to Live

In Extraordinary You, “Young Shani asks some very important questions. Questions that are truly life altering for anyone of any age. You are so very important to God and are meant to live an extraordinary life—a God-inspired life that is anything but ordinary!”

What does that look like in a child’s life? And for the adult reading with the child?Sometimes life doesn’t seem extraordinary and it’s hard to wade through the negative things that do happen. God doesn’t require a perfect life, and He doesn’t even expect us to understand. But He does ask us to live walking in His grace and power. A child can live in this state of mind as they wade through friendships, school, sports and growing up, and the issues of bullying that sometimes go hand in hand with friends and school and the rest. And if a young one can learn how to live in His grace growing up, how much easier to handle the situations of life as an adult.

But it’s not too late to master the extraordinary life if you are an adult and feel like you missed this lesson at church. God is actively working in and through your life and He desires for you to turn your life over to Him and allow His grace, His empowerment, to flow through you. Your influence at work, and in your home, depend on it.  We are living in a time where we need children and adults to more fully understand what God’s grace really is and how to live in it.  We all, in many ways, are encumbered with so much troubles of this life and what we really need to do is to fly to freedom.

extraordinary you