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From our perspective, the horse makes up a big part of the American dream.

Little girls dream of horses, but it didn’t begin there. No, they truly were the cowboy’s best friend as the American west was won. They journeyed along and pulled wagons, tilled dirt, pushed cows, and offered a listening ear to the lonely cowboy all through the many years as the future drew near and the past faded away. And although they are being replaced in the ranch world today, many people now have the luxury of owning one. And who can stop at just one? Horse loving is easy to come by. They are a versatile and friendly animal, majestic and calming, beautiful and, well, addicting, if we’re honest.

Join us as we are ever learning about this magnificent animal as horse lovers, and cowboys. And we also believe that you can never separate this life in any way from our magnificent creator and His Word, which can influence our lives more than even a horse.

Horse Loving