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7 Tips to Fight Back Spiritually

I’ve found an odd quirkiness about myself. I love to watch chickens. What opinionated-ly, stupidly, simple lives they live. It comfort’s me in a silly sort of way, as if my mind tells me, “Life isn’t so bad, just look at the chickens!”

Now chickens…well…they’re chickens. Some are smaller. Some larger. Some nice and some…more snippy or shall we say “snootier-than-thou”.

In each group of feathered fowls, there is always one poor, beat-down chicken: tattered feathers, always scurrying from one corner to the other, away from the pecking beaks of those of “higher stature.”

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If you quietly walk into our chicken coop, you will find that I coach them (of course). “You! Fight back! Don’t let them get to you like that! If you just stand up for yourself, you’ll send them running!”

Spiritual encouragement | Christian Living | Spiritual warfare | 7 tips to fight back spiritually. Don't be a chicken. Learn what it takes to be a spiritual force so you aren't knocked down again and again.

Oh, how it is in our lives! Satan struts and crows. Pecks and picks. Sends us all frantically scurrying. Rushing to and fro.

And you’ll find God in your corner coaching, “You! Fight back! Don’t let him get to you like that! You are my child and he has no authority to pick, peck, and run you around like that!”

One reference of a chicken in the Bible is the imagery of God allowing His people to take refuge under His wings (Psalms 36:7, Matthew 23:37). But Satan will always try to pervert what God is doing.  Can he be seen in the rooster who crowed three times? The crow of that rooster certainly didn’t bring good tidings of joy.

But more often than not, Satan is referred to as a roaring lion, prowling about.

Chickens. Lions…however Satan chooses to portray himself…

You, dear one, stand at your full height and send that loud crowing, feathered, roaring lion, Satan, to the other corner where he belongs–away from you: God’s precious, chosen child!

Our God is the true Lion of Judah. He is holy, worthy, almighty.

How then can we send that fully-feathered-roarer-Satan, packing?

Let’s look closely at how Jesus Himself did it. When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, he quickly and with great authority sent Satan away. Here’s how we can do the same. Follow along in Matthew 4: 

  • Be led by the Spirit

Why? For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. (Romans 8:14) Are you a child of God? Then be led by His Spirit. 

How? The Holy Spirit is already leading, so pray for the ability to hear and the willingness and obedience to obey.

  • Fast


Commanded: “When you fast…” (Matthew 6:16-17).

Triumph during a time of tempting.


Prayer intensity.

Sign of mourning.

Show humility.


Spiritual strength. 

How? Let this be your guide: be led by the Spirit. Fasting is not a cookie-cutter experience. But your goal should be to increase your ability to hear and your willingness and obedience to obey. 

  • Respond with scripture

Why? Scripture is God-breathed and inspired. It has the power to defeat Satan. 

How? Know, know, KNOW your Bible. Read it daily. Memorize it. Speak it. 

  • Repeat: Respond with scripture
  • Repeat: Respond with scripture again

Why? Because Satan doesn’t try once and give up. He will find your weak points. And he will try to conquer those weak points. 

How? Know, know, KNOW your Bible. Read it daily. Memorize it. Speak it. I’m quite certain that this cannot be encouraged too many times. 🙂

  • Use and speak with God’s authority

Why? Satan wants you to scurry around from corner to corner like a naked chicken. But with the authority of God’s Words Himself, you have the power to send Satan away.

How? Have faith. If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you shall move mountains. 

  • Prepare for the next attack (Luke 4)

Why? Satan will look for another opportune time and he will try again. He wants to defeat you. He wants nothing in your life to succeed. He wants to send you running in fear for the entirety of your life. 

How? Well, it can be written out very simply: be led by the Spirit, fast, respond with scripture, speak with God’s authority. But truly, to live out these truths is not simple. It is a daily commitment and sometimes re-commitment. It is a daily battle. Remember, you do not war against flesh and blood. 

So, my chicken-loving friends, when you go to the coop, instruct your chickens on how they should respond. But as you do, take your instructions to heart. 

If you don’t have chickens, sometimes your friends might be running around like a…well, like a chicken with their head cut off. Take this opportunity to ground them in the truth and again, take your advice to heart. 

You got this. You really do. But you must do this in the grace-filled empowerment of God. So, fight back and fight back well. 🙂

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Spiritual encouragement | Christian Living | Spiritual warfare | 7 tips to fight back spiritually. Don't be a chicken. Learn what it takes to be a spiritual force so you aren't knocked down again and again.



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Heidi Villegas

Thursday 27th of October 2016

I just LOVED this article! I'll never look at my chickens the same way again. You have such a fresh and beautiful way of seeing the world. Keep up the great work! Thank you! :-)


Thursday 27th of October 2016

You are sweet :) Thank you. Keep on coaching those chickens...and yourself! ;)