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Basic Goat Health Information

FREE Basic Goat Health Information, Upkeep, and Health Tracker Printable. Keep track of your goat’s information on a regular basis. This is one post of many from our Raising Goats resources.


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Their bottoms are made out of springs

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But the most wonderful thing about Goaties
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(sung to The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers–Winnie the Pooh)

I sang that too loudly, did you?? 

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Goats are splendidly fun! And when confined and in our care, we need to know what’s normal and when things are out of whack with our beloved friends. When you’ve spent any amount of time with your goats, you will know their character and how they normally act. And when things are amiss, you will see it and be able to react quickly. So pay attention to your animals and their surroundings.

Please take a moment to print out this FREE printable that will help keep track of your goat’s information, health, and how you have cared for them during the year. You will find it (among many) on my free resource page: Goat Information Upkeep and Health Tracker

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You can find a lot of articles here on A Life of Heritage that will teach you about goat care and be sure to check out The Goat Health, and Information Bundle–it’s full of to-do lists, checklists, record keeping sheets, and resource pages that will get your new (or old) goat herd off to a terrific start!

Goat Essential ↓

Let’s start out with a few basics.

Basic Goat Health Information

Temperature: 102 – 103

Pulse: 70-80 beats per minute

Respiratory: 15-30 per minute

Rumen Movements (Stomach): 1 – 1.5 per minute

Puberty: 7 weeks to 8 months. At weaning (2 months), separate the bucks from does

Full Growth Size: Goats will continue to grow into their 3rd year

Estrus/Heat Cycle: 17-23 days

Gestation: 143-155 days

Life Span:

  • DOES: 11-12 years on average, death is usually kidding related. Does who retire from breeding, around the age of ten, live longer (16-18 years).  
  • BUCKS: 8-10 years, the stresses of going into rut each year cause their lifespan to be shorter. 
  • WETHERS: 11-16 years on average.

This information will help you to know if your goat is healthy or having issues that should be looked at more closely. Keeping track of your goats’ information on a regular basis will give you an idea of what is normal for your goat and will give you a starting point when things aren’t right. 

Ideas for goat shelters and goat feeders

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Goats | Goat Care | Goat Health | FREE Basic Goat Health Information, Upkeep and Health Tracker Printable. Keep track of your goats information on a regular basis.

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