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Goat Owners: Choosing Goals and Mentors Wisely

Embarking on a journey in goat ownership is an exciting and rewarding venture, but it requires careful planning, dedication, and a clear vision. One of the key components of a successful goat farming experience is to choose goat goals and mentors wisely.

In this article, we’ll explore the significance of setting realistic goals and selecting mentors who can guide you on the path to success in the world of goat ownership.

when making goals and choosing mentors, choose wisely

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Choose Goat Goals and Mentors Wisely 

Setting Realistic Goals:

  • Define Your Purpose:

Before diving into owning goats, take the time to define your purpose. Are you aiming for meat production, milk production, fiber, or a combination of these? Clarifying your goals will help shape your breeding program, management practices, and overall approach to goat farming.

  • Consider Your Resources:

Assess your available resources, including land, budget, and time commitment. Setting realistic goals that align with your resources will prevent overextending yourself and ensure a sustainable and enjoyable experience in goat ownership.

  • Start Small, Grow Smart:

While enthusiasm is admirable, starting small allows you to gain valuable hands-on experience without overwhelming yourself. As your confidence and knowledge grow, you can strategically expand your herd and goals.

  • Diversify with Purpose:

Diversification can be a great goal, but do it purposefully. Understand the demands and requirements of each aspect of goat ownership you wish to explore. This ensures that your diversification efforts contribute positively to your overall goals.

  • Raise goats who aren’t over-managed or over-medicated

One long-term goal that you may not even know you have (or need to have) is to raise goats who are resilient and adapted to your area. You don’t want to own goats who need over-management and over-medication. Neither will benefit you or them over the long run. Raising goats can be a spendy endeavor to begin with. Adding on medical bills and medication costs and vet visits will only deplete your pocketbook and discourage you. 

And if you are needlessly over-managing by over-medicating, you are weakening your goat’s immune system. They need to be faced with some challenges for their body to react and build up resiliency and immunity. You want strong goats and you want them to raise even stronger goats. 

Choosing Mentors Wisely:

  • Seek Experienced Mentors:

Identify experienced goat owners and farmers in your community or through online platforms who can serve as mentors. Learning from those who have successfully navigated the challenges of goat farming provides invaluable insights.

Please note that many, if not most, vets do not have hands-on experience with goats. Most medications that are used for goats are considered “off-label”. A lot of online information is wrong regarding treating and helping goats. 

  • Align with Your Goals:

Choose mentors whose experiences align with your goals. If you’re focusing on dairy goats, a mentor with expertise in dairy production can offer specialized guidance. Their knowledge and experiences should complement your aspirations.

  • Open Communication:

Effective communication is key in a mentor-mentee relationship. Be open about your goals, challenges, and questions. A good mentor will provide constructive feedback, share experiences, and offer practical advice to enhance learning.

  • Observe and Learn:

Actively observe your mentor’s practices and techniques. Participate in farm activities, attend workshops, and engage in discussions to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Practical learning alongside a seasoned mentor can accelerate your understanding of goat farming.

Follow along as I share my 12-year journey of owning goats on my YouTube channel: Delci | A Life of Heritage. Over 30,000 others have been influenced and helped online in this way. 

  • Continuous Learning:

Goat ownership is a dynamic field with evolving practices. Choose mentors who demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and adaptation. This ensures that the guidance you receive remains relevant and up-to-date.


In the world of owning goats, setting clear and realistic goals while selecting mentors wisely are foundational steps toward a successful and fulfilling journey. Take the time to define your purpose, understand your resources, and start with achievable objectives.

Seek mentors whose experiences align with your goals, maintain open communication, and actively engage in continuous learning. By choosing your goals and mentors wisely, you lay the groundwork for a rewarding and sustainable venture in goat ownership. Remember, every step forward is a step toward the realization of your vision for a thriving goat farm.

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