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Goat Feeder Using Pallet Boards

Having a goat feeder that wastes as little hay as possible is so important! Read more on How to build a goat feeder using pallet boards below! This is one post of many on our Raising Goats resource page. 

Since having goats, I’ve experimented with several different ways to feed them. I started off just feeding them on the ground. Ha. Goats can waste more hay…little buggers! So, having a goat feeder that wastes as little hay as possible is so important!

This is How to Build a Goat Feeder Using Pallet Boards

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I came across this picture and decided to modify it a bit to fit the size of my goats.

Having a goat feeder that wastes as little hay as possible is so important! Read more on How to Build a Goat Feeder Using Pallet Boards

Horse feeder template I used for my goat feeder


I tore apart pallets and got to work!

I needed to add a ledge for the goats to stand on and make it all low enough for my pygmy goats to stand up on as well.

You can find a lot of articles here on A Life of Heritage that will teach you about goat care and be sure to check out The Goat Health, and Information Bundle–it’s full of to-do lists, checklists, record keeping sheets, and resource pages that will get your new (or old) goat herd off to a terrific start!

Goat Essential ↓

Goats standing in snow next to a pallet feeder

I sandwiched it into the fence line and now it feeds two sets of pens.

Pallet goat feeder feeding two pens

I’ve found that it is best to keep the “trough” part cleaned out each day or it just keeps filling up with the fine particles of hay. And I don’t feed the goats more hay until they have cleaned up the previous feeding. At this point, I also had their mineral to the bowl I screwed down. This has kept the mineral dry and readily available to them all year-long. We were able to get the best alfalfa hay this year! Spoiled goats 🙂 This goat feeder has been a great addition to our little farm!

Update: I do use this mineral feeder for my goats now!

About a year after making this feeder I did a little more work on it. Hay would fall under the feeder and make a great place for the chickens to lay their eggs! But it was hard to get to and the hay just piled up. So I enclosed the bottom portion with more pallet boards. I also shored up the roof with 2×4’s and got that more secure and stable.

Having a goat feeder that wastes as little hay as possible is so important! Read more on How to Build a Goat Feeder Using Pallet Boards

You may also want to check out these goat pallet shelters I built to keep out the cold Montana winter wind and snow. Our goats are a priceless addition to our families but the cost of keeping them safe, fed, and warm can sure add up! It’s great to be able to build the things they need out of recycled wood.

What have you found to be the best way to keep the hay loss at a minimum?

You can also check out this goat feeder as well

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Easy diy goat feeder made with mostly pallets

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Friday 1st of January 2021

Wonderful am also starting goat farmin

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Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Great post. Can’t wait to check it all out! Thanks

Delci Plouffe

Thursday 19th of November 2020

Thanks so much! Glad it was helpful!

Judy Bunch

Sunday 5th of April 2020

Loved your videos and advice. I cannot keep my minerals and baking soda fresh and dry. I love the treat suggestions! Mine like roasted peanuts in shell and animal crackers. Will try yours!! My emails


Friday 13th of March 2020

Would love access to your resource pages!