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During the Storm

 Many times during the storm of life, I’ve experienced these words so profoundly:

I walk forward confidently, head held high between the sheltering arms of my Father. Not a care for anything but dwelling in His presence…forever…

The air so calm, the breeze so sweet, the horizon in the distance so near, yet forever far beckons, summons, calls me to rush into its embrace. Suddenly the wind is pushing, pulling; whipping around violently, hatefully, so uncaring.

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During the storm of life, how do you respond and how is your relationship with your Heavenly Father affected? Stand firm between the sheltering arms of GodThe blessed peace, the simple solitude left behind. Gone. The future blown here, tossed there. The weight of the wind, the world: crushing, defeating, sinking into my soul.

Where are the promises? Where is the future?

Crushed, crumpled to the ground, tears flow for lost love, lost hope, lost trust. I cry. I weep, “Where are You? I can’t move on…without You!”

Amidst the howling, push of the storm, a whisper, a touch raises me off the floor.

In an instant I knew my Father, my Daddy had never left me but gave me freedom, choice.

In love He let me go.

Slowly, painfully I regained my strength. I took my place between my Savior’s arms, once again strong but humbled, confident but not self-seeking. In amazement I realized that during the storm, the future still beckoned, still summoned, still called.

I stood firm between my Daddy’s arms to forever stay and asked to walk beside Him.

I walk beside Him as I move strong and confident into the future, into the storm of love, hope and trust.

What have you learned during the storm of your life? Did it completely knock you down or were you able to rise stronger and taller than you ever were before?

I’d also like to hear what you think about this subject: Are you in God’s will?


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