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The One Time All or Nothing Free Gift

 The one time all or nothing free gift: your life.

To leave days, weeks, years, even a lifetime in the hands, under the care and subject to the molding, breaking, building, twisting, perfecting work and masterpiece of the Father is one of the most painful, heart-rending commands a Christian is asked, expected and willed to do.

The one time all or nothing free gift: your life. In the hands of the Father, he is able to work immeasurably more than you ever thought possible.

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The sparrows, the grass, the wind: all protected, cared for, wanting nothing. Fulfilled. In their limited knowledge, totally and completely, unconditionally loved.

I want the ease with which they live their day-to-day happy, perfect lives, where nothing hinders, traps or hurts their love for life: the one time all or nothing free gift up for the taking.


Life in His hands is secure, safe and protected but not free from pain, hurt, persecution or sadness. 

When we submit to the Maker, to His gentle prodding, gentle whisper, gentle love and give of ourselves totally, completely, willingly, He is able. Able to do immeasurably, immensely and altogether more than we could ever have thought possible when we were walking in our own strength and not His.

This life that you are living right now, is the only life you’ve got. It’s a free gift. Jesus Christ wants to help you live it to its fullest, whatever that may look like. You may be wondering, am I living in the will of God? It’s a very serious question and one that I’ve asked many times. But the answer may not be as difficult as you may think.

In light of recent events that are taking place right now, how do you reconcile that in your life, God wants to do immeasurable and immensely more than you could ask, think or imagine, but that bad things do happen? Pain, hurt, persecution and sadness are all apart of this life. In fact, none of us can escape them. How do you think God views all the troubles you may be going through right now?

I encourage you to look from His perspective. His Heavenly perspective. God desires for you to be holy. Most of the time, it is through undesirable circumstances that we see what is truly in our hearts and are allowed to make a change to be more like Jesus.


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