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5 Tips to Breeding for Colored Ducks Eggs (+Duck Egg Color Chart!)

Ducks can lay beautiful egg colors! Here is an overview of duck egg color, with a chart included to give you an idea of what to expect from 14 different breeds of ducks. There is also an overview of how genetics determine egg color and how you can breed ducks for specific egg colors as well. Read more here…

Runner ducks lay an egg color that is somewhere between white and blue-green.

The Black and Chocolate Runners will usually have a “sooty” outer shell at the beginning of their laying season. But as the season progresses, the color can end up being as white as any other Runner.


What Ducks Lay a Black Egg?

The Cayuga and Black East Indian have a tendency to lay a “blackish” colored egg in the earlier days of their laying season.

Rouen Duck Egg Color

Rouens lay an egg that is slightly off-white.

Pekin Duck Egg Color

Pekins also lay a white egg.

You can read more about ducks breeds here, in fact, there are 14 breeds that could be a great match for your flock! It will give you a good overview of the duck’s characteristics and the color of the egg they lay.

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Saturday 13th of March 2021

What colour would you expect Abacot Ranger eggs to be?


Friday 25th of October 2019

Thanks for this info! I have about 4 gold phase Welsh Harlequin ducks that lay a pretty green egg, and I wondered why.


Thursday 2nd of May 2019

Thanks for the information and the infographic! I have Rouens and two of my hens lay beautiful green eggs; so pretty!

Delci Plouffe

Thursday 2nd of May 2019

Oh! That's wonderful! And you are welcome!


Monday 11th of June 2018

Welsh Harlequin. Not Welch. I’m sure this is a typo. Good information.

Delci Plouffe

Tuesday 12th of June 2018

Oh yes, it was! And of course, it was on the infographic! lol, And do you know how many times I type "next" instead of "nest"?? Thanks for pointing it out, I'll get that changed :)