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How to Keep Chicken Water From Freezing in Winter (Even in Montana)

If you want to know once and for all how to keep your chicken water from freezing, this solution will do the trick. It has lasted through years of use and one of the worst Montana winters I’ve lived through (every year 😉).

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Chicken water can be a hassle to keep unfrozen in the coldest part of winter. But this will help you keep your chickens in water all winter long!

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The best way to keep chicken water unfrozen…

Winter is always coming. It’s always around the corner. Preparation for it never stops.

At least that’s what it feels like to me up here in Montana. Our little area is a snow hole and gets very cold in the winter months.

We bury our water lines 6 feet deep, below the frost line to ensure there are no frozen pipes.

And my chickens? They hunker down and are very glad for the unfrozen water I provide for them.

I’ve tried all the water gimmicks:

  1. saltwater in water bottles or milk jugs
  2. floating tennis balls
  3. almost entirely covering the tanks with black material
  4. and so many others…

Chicken drinking water in cold weather

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But when a 100-gallon unfrozen water tank can freeze completely through for a 200-pound man to skate on overnight…there is nothing but electricity (or possibly a solar-powered setup–which I haven’t tried yet) that will keep water from freezing.

That’s just the cold hard facts.

So if you struggle with keeping water unfrozen because you live in a tundra, this will be your answer.

I know when I use this plug-in heater the water will still be completely unfrozen when I come back out in the morning.

And one of these heaters has lasted me for 3 winters now, so it’s a long-term solution as well.

So, if you don’t want to mess with frozen water or testing out water gimmicks that may or may not work, check this out:

 If you need to ease your mind this winter, this waterer will do just what you need. I (and my chickens) have done the work of figuring this mystery out for you!

Enjoy this winter! (As for me, I’ll be hunkered down waiting for spring…)


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