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Goat’s Milk for Dogs | What REALLY are the health benefits?

It’s no secret I love goat’s milk. It has amazing benefits, truly. Read more about it here: Astounding Benefits of Goat Milk. My family and I drink a glass of goat’s milk at least once a day and use it in almost all of our baking.

And our two cow dogs enjoy their food mixed with goat’s milk as well. 

But those two rascals love anything mixed with their dog food. People food is the best! They don’t know, though, just how good this creamy, white topping is for them.

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Raw goat milk for dogs offers them amazing health benefits. This dog is drinking goat milk from a plastic container

Goat’s Milk for Dogs: Is it good for them?

I would argue that anything so absolutely good for you, would be good for your dog as well. This is a very insightful book about raw milk: The Untold Story of Milk

As mentioned in the article above, the Astounding Benefits of Goat Milk, raw goat milk contains the protein A2 as opposed to the protein A1 found in cow’s milk. This little difference is actually quite a big difference. 

Reasons to add goat milk to your dog’s diet

After you’re done reading all of this, you’ll be convinced to get goat milk not only for your dogs but yourself as well!

1. For many people and dogs, goat’s milk is much more easily digested.

That A2 protein makes all the difference in the world. It’s a different protein and a smaller fat molecule that produces a softer curd than cow’s milk does. Many dogs have really sensitive stomachs and are not able to digest their food properly to get all the nutrients from the food that they need. The goat’s milk will be easier for them to digest and therefore will unlock those nutrients.

But there’s more! As opposed to pasteurized milk, raw milk still has all those live cultures, enzymes, probiotics, and bacteria that are so good for digestion as well. If your dog has gone through a regiment of antibiotics or just has an out-of-whack digestion system, then the goat milk will help to repopulate the digestive tract with good bacteria. 

2. The difference in goat milk protein causes less inflammation.

Does your dog suffer from allergies? Raw goat’s milk is a great option for dogs with allergies. This natural anti-inflammatory will be a great addition to your dog’s diet if they have food or environmental allergies. It would be worth giving your dog this superfood to try to slowly eliminate the steroids you’re giving them for the allergies. 

From my perspective, that would be totally worth it to try!

3. Boost their immune system into overdrive! 

Goat’s milk is filled with so much good stuff and more of this good stuff than other milk sources. This “stuff”, to be exact, is Vitamin A, Zinc, Selenium, Calcium, Phosphorus and it also enhances the absorption of iron and copper. 

When we and our dogs are taking in more nutrients and absorbing those nutrients, then we will be healthier and more robust. It is known to help with malabsorption issues and mineral deficiencies. And it will help your dog fight diseases, cancers, ulcers, and disorders. 

4. Increases hydration

What dog would resist lapping up a bowl of milk? And adding milk to dry dog food will soften up the food and increase the hydration of that food. And if your dog is dehydrated offering them goat milk will encourage them to take in fluids. 

5. Increases appetite

And when your dog is more fully hydrated, they will also have a better appetite. Adding this nutrient-dense drink to their food will usually cure any picky eater. 

6. Great antacid for a dog’s upset tummy

High phosphorus levels also make goat’s milk a great antacid. If your dog suffers from an upset stomach, goat’s milk will help balance the PH in their digestive tract. A great, natural way to calm an upset tummy!

Goat's milk for dogs is a great health booster. This puppy is drinking milk out of a dog bowl

How much goat’s milk can my dog have?

I hope you’re completely and totally convinced to get goat milk for your goat. But now you need to know how much to give your dogs. 

Here is a general guideline to get you started: 

  • 20 pounds and under: 2 oz of goat milk a day.
  • 20-40 pounds: 4 oz of goat milk a day.
  • 50-80 pounds: 8 oz of goat milk a day.
  • 80 pounds and over: 10 oz of goat milk a day.

You won’t give your dog goat’s milk as a complete and balanced meal, however. It will be in addition to the already complete and balanced meal you’re already providing for your dog. Goat’s milk can be fed up to 20% of your dog’s daily diet.   

Does goat milk help dogs gain weight?

Yes, goat’s milk will help a dog gain weight. Dogs who are suffering malnutrition from disease or are rescue dogs in ill health will do really well when they are given goat’s milk. 

As mentioned previously, goat’s milk is not only really nutritious but very enticing to eat, so dogs who are ill or sick will eat it and do really well. 

Goat’s milk for dogs with a yeast infection

Because goat’s milk is anti-inflammatory, alkaline, and helps to balance the PH of the digestive tract, this also makes it the perfect way to keep candida in hand. An abundance of candida and unhealthy gut flora will produce the results of a yeast infection in humans and dogs. 

But the healthy and natural attributes of goat’s milk are just what your dog needs to overcome a yeast infection. It will help stabilize your dog’s body.  

Will goat’s milk make my dog fat?

Goat’s milk is filled with “good” fats. Good fats only aid in the digestion of food and putting the body in a healthy state. The good news is that consuming good fats doesn’t make you or your dog fat. 

Where can I get goat’s milk for my dogs? 

There are quite a few options for getting goat’s milk for your dog. A simple Google search will bring up results. You can also find goat milk options on Amazon: Goat Milk Options

But it would also be well worth it to ask around your area for fresh goat milk. That would be the best option if you can’t own goats yourself. 

And another option is bringing home a goat in milk! If you don’t know already, there are many reasons to get a goat: 13 Reasons You NEED a Goat! But before you bring home your first goat you need to know what to have ready: What you Need Before Bringing Home Your First Goat and you need to have this goat health and information binder in your possession: My Goat Binder. It will be one of the best things you purchase for your goats. 

Are you completely and totally convinced to spoil your dog with goat milk? I hope so! Let me know in the comments what goat’s milk has done for your dog’s health!

what really are the benefits of raw goat milk for dogs? This dog is lucky enough to be drinking goat milk

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Saturday 11th of June 2022

My sheepadoodle puppy, 13 weeks, got terrible diarrhea from eating tons of June Bugs/beetles. We went through the same in the past with our very sensitive stomach German Shepherd. My pup was barking to go out literally 10 times during the night/all day, besides couple accidents in house. Vet had him on diarrhea pills, antibiotics for his gut, I tried pumpkin in his kibble that has always worked for GSD, rice, and Purina Pro Plan Probiotics. Nothing. I remembered reading about goats milk for upset stomachs and found your article. Went to pet food store where I buy my Shih Tzu’s raw frozen Primal and bought Primal goats milk. The next day I put bit in his kibble for his meals and instantly his poops were solid after 5 miserable days for him. Today our German Shepherd has awful diarrhea so trying goats milk again! Pray it helps him as well!! Thanks for article! Dogs all love it too!


Friday 13th of May 2022

I just started drinking goat's milk myself and figure, that I would start my two little dogs on it too. It was fun to watch them. I put a bowl of goat's milk on the floor. My brown dog (yorkie-poo) just ignored it, but my white dog (maltise-poo) sniffed it (did not touch it) and went to lay down. About a minute or two he came back and sniffed it again and laid back down. The third time he licked it one or two times and laid down. He did that accouple of times. I left the room for a few minutes and came back to see my brown dog was lapping it up. Later on, I decided to add some chocolate to my goat's milk and sat on the couch and next thing I knew, both dogs were in my lap wanting some of the milk---I did not let them have it because of the chocolate. Neither of my dogs have any health problems, but it was good to read your article to find out how good Goat's milk is for them. They are very picky about their food and what they drink. I was glad to see that they decided that Goat's milk is ok to drink.

Delci Plouffe

Friday 13th of May 2022

This is great! Smart dogs!


Friday 14th of May 2021

I just started my Jack Russell on goats milk. I have heard and read about the health benefits, especially with skin issues. His skin was fine until I took him to his first grooming session. About three to four days after going to groomers he started itching,scratching and losing his fur and his skin had swelling and hot his ear flaps got itchy and nasty and hurt him to touch. Basically, I figured there was cross contamination from groomers clippers, brushes, towels etc... I will update to see if my Little Ball of Big Energy shows some improvement. He loves Goat milk!!!

Delci Plouffe

Thursday 10th of June 2021

Do keep us updated!!