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How To Take a Pallet Apart

Pallets are the best invention ever for those of us who value the high cost of free wood.

No, seriously. If you don’t believe me you better take a moment and read why and how you can use pallets for everything

But you can’t start using them until you can take them apart. My lovely husband welded me together a bar…thing…

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Er…a pallet take apart bar. And it has been used on countless pallets.

Pallet with a blue string made into a heart

How to Take Apart a Pallet

You can watch a video about taking apart a pallet below.

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But you can’t start using them until you can take them apart. My lovely husband welded me together a bar…thing…

Er…a pallet take apart bar. And it has been used on countless pallets.

a bar made to take apart a pallet

Close up of the base of a bar made to take apart pallets

(Can’t build your own pallet buster? There are a lot of options here: Pallet Busters Check them out!)

I drool over piles of pallets I see along the way. “Wait, Bill! Do you see that pallet pile? I want it! Can you find out who’s it is?? And then bring them home…? Please…?” 

“But you already have a pile of pallets! You don’t need any more.”

*Roll of the eyes* “You never can have too many pallets. Really. Once you start using them, they are gone! Gone so quickly! I need that pile…”

Take a moment and watch how I take apart a pallet. The pallet I chose is a pallet that I come across quite a bit: broken boards and because of this, it was put in the “free pile” at the feed store.

But don’t let broken stop you! 🙂 

How do you take your pallets apart?

a bar can be used to take a pallet apart


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