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Are you curious? Ostrich Egg Secrets and Amazing Facts

Lots of questions answered about the Ostrich Egg: eggshell facts, how often are ostrich eggs laid, ostrich egg nutrition facts, how many chicken eggs one ostrich egg replaces, recipes, pricing, and where to buy one!
Ostriches are a fascinating creature and lay a fascinating egg! Don’t miss out on this delicacy!

Ostrich Egg Nutrition Information

The contents of an ostrich egg make up a grand total of 2000 calories! A huge breakfast meal… or an entire day worth of meals!

Like a chicken egg, it has approximately 47% protein and 45% fats and also contains calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E, riboflavin, and thiamine, and trace elements like magnesium, manganese, selenium, zinc, copper, and iron. It does, however, contain less vitamin E and A, manganese, and zinc than a chicken egg does but slightly more magnesium and iron.

Pearl white ostrich egg

How Many Chicken Eggs are Equal to An Ostrich Egg?

One ostrich egg has a mass of approximately 25 hen’s eggs.

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