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The Peacock Feather: All the Facts (+YOU Can Make a Profit with Them!)

A Peacock Feather is not only beautiful but also has a rich history of meaning in all of the different cultures and traditions. Find out where to buy peacock feathers, how to curl them, what to make with them and how to sell them and where to sell them.

Peacock Feather Facts

  1. Only the males are called peacocks. And they are the ones who produce these exquisite feathers!
  2. The male’s feathers don’t start to change color until they are about 6 months old and they don’t start growing their fancy feathers until about the age of three.
  3. After each mating season, the peacocks lose their adornment and grow a new set! They don’t have to be killed for their beautiful feathers.
  4. Peacock tail feathers can grow to be about 6 feet long and will make up to 60% of their body weight.
  5. Their feathers are made up of microscopic crystal-like structures. How scientifically true!
  6. The brilliance and health of their feathers represent the health of their immune system, and a healthy male is attractive to the peahen.
  7. The peacock can live in the wild for up to 20 years!
  8. The peacock male spreads its feathers as an act of courtship to attract a mate.


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