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Turkey Feathers: More Facts, Awesome Ideas, and Buying Guide

Turkey feathers are a beautiful way to add some decorations to your home and life! What is the symbolic meaning of the turkey? What colors of turkey feathers are there? What crafts and decorations can be made with them? And where do you buy turkey feathers? If you are interested in earning an income with your chickens, check this out: Chicken Rich

 Jersey Buff Turkey

Jersey Buff

These turkeys have a rich reddish-buff color to their body feathers and the same color extends across the tips of their tail feathers. But the rest of the tail feathers are white. Their primary and secondary wing feathers are white and the hens tend to lighten in color as they age.

Two Narrangansett Turkey Strutting

Narragansett Turkeys

These turkeys contain the colors: black, gray, tan, and white. It looks somewhat similar to the Bronze but doesn’t have a coppery bronze. Instead, it is a steel-gray or dull black. They also have white-wing bars.

Slate or Blue Turkey

Slate or Blue Slate

The Blue Slate Turkeys, also called the Slate, Blue or Lavender Turkey, are a solid to ashy blue over its entire body. They may have black flecks. The toms are darker in color than the hens.

Turkeys roosting on a fence

White Holland

You guessed it, this turkey has snow-white feathers!

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Turkey Feathers

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